Our Mission

It is the mission of HUBZone Technology Initiative (HTI) to promote educational and economic growth by providing new opportunities in HUBZone areas with the use of converted laptops. HTI is an essential resource in providing the technology tools needed to generate solid employment and academic opportunities to citizens within the communities we serve.

HTI - HUBZone Technology Initiative

HTI - Donate Laptops

HUBZone stands for Historically Underutilized Business Zone and is a Small Business Administration (SBA) program created to help promote economic growth in various HUBZone sections of communities throughout the US. These “HUBZone” areas have largely been ignored when it comes to assistance that could generate growth including business support and help schools across the community acquire the tools to better educate students.

HUBZone Technology Initiative (HTI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization helping to bring technology resources to those in need within HUBZone communities nationwide. HTI is starting its mission of providing technology resources to HUBZone communities by donating functionable laptops and converting them into Google Chromebooks. Our focus is to get these Chromebooks into the hands of those within HUBZones that have a strong desire at self-improvement whether they are students, those that are looking for employment or those that want to improve their employment. Our goal is to strengthen the workforce by providing more skilled labor therefore reducing unemployment rates in HUBZone areas.

Our Leadership Team

Matt Raydo

Executive Director

Matt is the Executive Director of HTI and leads most of the major decision-making processes within the organization. He is focused on setting the vision for HTI to follow and funnels his efforts into leading the fundraising portion of HTI. Without donations, without the help of generous and giving people, HTI wouldn’t be where it is today; and without Matt, HTI would be at a standstill .....Read More

Nikki Crawford

Associate Director

HTI’s Associate Director, Nikki Crawford, has been a part of the team since its conception in 2018 and 2019. She has played a vital role in the process and structure of the organization, from the reception of digital donations, and delivering them to those most in need of them. She enjoys helping the community through technology and service......Read More

Don Williams Jr.

Board Member

As an employee of Duke Energy, Don has served in the positions of Revenue Recovery, Non-Climbing Service Work and Electrical Field Service Technician. Mr. Williams presently serves as a Reliability and Power Quality Engineer for Duke Energy. Mr. Williams has over 20 years experience in public relations, public speaking and customer service. He also has extensive .....Read More

Geoff Simmons

Board Member

Geoff Simmons specializes in helping corporations connect with educational institutions on projects and programs that benefit students and the community at large. He is also an avid golfer who currently labors for the “little guy” as a litigation and jury expert. Simmons currently serves as a member of.......Read More

Jody Zeugner

Board Member

Jody Zeugner spent 30 years as an information technology manager and planner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As director of EPA's Technical Architecture and Planning Division he collaborated with the Agency's system developers and IT infrastructure managers to design, acquire and implement well-integrated enterprise technology solutions.......Read More

Rosanna Hurst

Board Member

Rosanna Hurst (Rosie) is an Executive Global Business Leader with 20+ years of focused experience in operations, program management, business development, and strategic planning through strong employee and client partnerships....Read More

Gary Slate

Board Member

Mr. Slate started in construction, obtaining a General Contracting License from the State of California. As an individual, he gained experience working on several structures, including the iconic Bank of America skyscraper in San Francisco. Along the way, he gained vital experience that he put to work owning his own construction firm for seven years. Read More

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