Freedom House Recovery Center

Freedom House Recovery Center Testimonial

Freedom House Recovery Center, a rehabilitation center rooted in respect, compassion and caring, has been serving Chapel Hill, Durham, North Roxboro and Warrenton since 1974. Their mission is to rehabilitate men, women and children struggling with mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, by utilizing an approach that is centered on the individual needs of each person they serve. With such a weighty responsibility and especially in the pandemic era we are living, HTI was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to serve Freedom House Recovery Center by way of several Chromebook laptop donations in May 2020.

According to Debra Riggan of FHRC, ‘These computers are used by the residents at our SA Treatment Center. It has allowed the clients to submit applications online, prepare resumes, check emails and during the COVID-19 pandemic, even attend virtual doctor appointments.’ One of Ms. Riggan’s points of inspiration is keeping up with the technical world and this passion, she passes on to those being served at FHRC. A notable shift from clients not knowing how to use a computer or afraid of the new experience, have learned the ease of use and convenience of using the HTI Chromebooks.

This donation continues to serve those most in need of accessing online services and HTI could not be prouder of this partnership with FHRC and the lasting impact!